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FabPro is MSUITE's cloud-based fabrication management tool that tracks productivity and status of everything that moves through the shop workflow.

Focused on granular tracking, FabPro brings in information from models in Autodesk Revit® and Autodesk Fabrication CADmep® as well as drawings manually uploaded from the field in order to track each Material, Cut, and Assembly in real-time.


About Us

FabPro is MSUITE's flagship software and is what launched the company in 2015. Originally called FabPro, the company changed it's name in 2019 to MSUITE as we rolled out new products in addition to FabPro.

FabPro was created out of necessity at Modern Piping in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Needing a real-time solution for tracking and measuring the success of their fabrication processes, Modern developed the first version in 2014. From there it was redesigned to better fit a wider audience and it has since grown to be an industry-wide fabrication tracking solution used by contractors and fabricators across North America.

FabPro Features

FabPro has many features that enable real-time production tracking and data collection. The following features are just a small example. Schedule a demo today to customize your experience!

Configurable Workflows: Create piping, plumbing, sheet metal and other stations, organize them how you see fit, and send work to them from the model or from the field

Permission Controlled Access: Easily limit and expand what each user or Tier of users can see and do within the software

Automated Reporting: Tracking real-time budget vs. actuals, automating timesheets, predicting the shop's ability to make a due date and by how many manhours are just a few of the automated reports in FabPro

Live Online PDF Annotation: Mark-up and track PDF annotations in real-time with our web based tool. Always keep everyone on the 'same sheet of music'

Cloud Model Viewer: Take your Revit® model to the cloud and share it to any member of your team. With features like spool creation, BOM exports, submittal data, and more.

Equipment Integrations: FabPro currently integrates with TigerStop to track what was cut, who cut it and how long it took. We are working with integration partners to add more equipment all the time.

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